NextGen Physics

Our Goal

Goal:- Paradigm shift in understanding gravitational forces

Every phenomenon in the universe could be analysed in a much simple and interconnected way, by applying both:

  1. gravitational repulsion (antigravity) force
  2. gravitational attraction (gravity) force
Our goal, hence, leads to a paradigm shift in understanding Natural Sciences!  If that goal resonates with your curiosities, you are in the right place!
Open-mindedly and enthusiastically, we are:
  1. discussing gravitational repulsion (antigravity) and attraction (gravity),
  2. exploring phenomena caused by the said gravitational forces, in both:
      • natural environments,
      • laboratory environments,
  3. developing closer to experience scientific perspectives of observations.
We invite you to participate in this constructive atmosphere by: posting comments on this website, thereby sharing your experiences/findings/ideas/viewpoints, partnering with us, and so on.