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Mercury - A heavyweight; yet buoyant!

Mercury goes straight up ↑ right against the direction of Earth's gravitational pull when exposed to still-air

Why is that?

Is there any repulsion force (Antigravity) between the Earth and Mercury?

All fluids (liquid or gas) in the presence of gravity, exert an upward force known as the buoyant force on any other substance. Therefore, any substance with lower density, either floats or rises through the higher density fluid.

When mercury is exposed to air, tiny mercury liquid clusters, however, rise up through air.  Mercury is ≈13,600 times denser than air. Molecular weight of mercury (200.56 amu) is also more than seven (7) times higher than air (≈ 28 amu).

Why does mercury rise up against the gravitational pull exerted by the Earth?  The rate of rise of mercury through air increases with the temperature; almost doubles for every 18 ֯C increase of temperature.

What is Antigravity?

Other Relevant Phenomena Observed in the Nature

Rising of Mercury

Rising of Mercury

Density of mercury                   13,600 kg/m³                            Density of air                               1.0 kg/m³                               Molecular weight of Mercury 200.59 amu

Floating Clouds

Floating Clouds

Density of water                         997 kg/m³                               Density of air                                   1.1 kg/m³                                     Average weight of a cloud         ~ 627,500,000 kg

Rising Water Droplets

Rising Water Droplets

Density of water                           997 kg/m³                            Density of air                                  1.29 kg/m³

Expanding Universe

Expanding Universe

Rate of acc. of Universe               ~70 km/s/Mpc                                 Sun loses mass                               ~ 4.26 million metric tons per second                                            Sun produces the equivalent of ~384.6 septillion watts (3.846×10²⁶W)

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion

Inter atomic distance                    ~ 3 Å

Air Convection

Air Convection

Mean-free-path of an air molecule                                       ~630 Å                                     Diameter of an air molecule is ~3-4 Å                       

Air Pressure

Air Pressure

Molecular radius of an average air molecule                                 3-4 Å                                             Average weight of an air molecule                                          ~28.02×1.66×10-²⁷ kg

Molecular weight
of Mercury
~7 times greater
than air

Mercury is more than 13,000
times heavier than air

“Understanding Gravitational Repulsion (Antigravity) explains almost all phenomena in universe; beyond examples of observations given here”

Who we are:

We are an open-minded group of enthusiasts, promoting paradigm shift in understanding Natural Sciences.

What we do:

Pursuing research on gravitational repulsion, we have:
  • Demonstrated the phenomena both natural and laboratory environments,
  • Published the results in peer reviewed journals in the network of the web of science.

Benefits to you:

Do you want to learn a closer to experience perspective of gravitational forces [both repulsion (antigravity) and attraction] in both natural and laboratory environments?  Then, you are in the right place!

Physicists, over the decades, have attempted to forge a unified theory for all forms of energy.  In this context, the antigravity concept reveals hitherto unseen connections between realms of physics; thus, moving closer to the unified theory for all forms of energy.

Closer to experiences perspectives; example:

Many scientists speak of Dark Energy existing in the outer space.  But, they don’t consider Dark Energy as existing in our surroundings on earth; neighbourhoods, villages, towns, et cetera.  Everything else (subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, electromagnetic energy, etc.) do exist everywhere in the universe; including our surroundings on earth!

How come Dark Energy exists only in the outer space?  Such perspective is not close to our experiences on our surroundings.

Our primary goal is to explore the nature and generalise the knowledge universe-wide to develop closer to experience perspectives.  Pursuing research on gravitational repulsion, we have:

  1. Demonstrated the phenomena in both natural and laboratory environments,
  2. Published the results in peer reviewed journals in the network of the web of science.

Please participate in this website to understand new paradigms and share your thoughts in the discussions herein.

Naturally observed phenomena that current knowledge in science cannot explain!