NextGen Physics

About NextGen Physics

Physicists, over the decades, have attempted to forge a unified field theory for all forms of energy.

In this context, the antigravity concept reveals hitherto unseen connections between realms of physics; thus, moving closer to the unified field theory for all forms of energy.

Our endeavor is to explore natural phenomena and generalize the knowledge universe-wide to develop closer to experience perspectives.

An example of distancing from experience:

Many scientists speak of Dark Energy existing in the outer space. Everything else (subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, electromagnetic energy, etc.) do exist everywhere in the universe, including on earth, in our neighbourhoods, in our bodies, and so on? How come Dark Energy exists only in the outer space? Such perspective is not close to our experiences.

Please participate in this website to understand new paradigms and share your thoughts in discussions.

Our Role

The direction of NGP is to connect the modern world with advanced physics and innovation by creating a paradigm shift in understanding gravitational forces and other dynamic concepts in physics. We trust that pursuing this direction does benefit the worldwide community.

To pursue such direction, NGP has identified following needs:

  • Provide a voice for fundamental physics behind Natural Phenomena
  • Enhance communication among scientists, engineers, professional and enthusiasts
  • Disseminate and promote discussions on observations that demand paradigm shift in understanding gravitational forces and fundamental physics
  • Strengthen support for science and technology enterprise
  • Strengthen and diversify science and technology workforce
  • Foster education in Physics, Science and Technology for everyone
  • Empower students across the globe to conduct research in physics and contribute to the scientific community
  • Disseminate modern scientific discoveries and research for the benefit of mankind