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Hot Water in the Winter

Disintegration of hot water into droplets and rising in minus winter temperatures

This experiment was designed in order to investigate rising water particles by strictly excluding all factors which were so far believed to be the reasons for the upward movement in the air.

Behavior of particulate water droplets at freezing temperatures has been observed in the middle of the Continental Canadian Winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  At outside temperatures ≈ -30°C, boiled water close to 100°C is thrown into a calm surrounding as shown in the video.  The water so thrown, disintegrated into tiny particulate water droplets in still air.  Then, the particulate droplets are observed to move upward against the gravitational pull towards the earth.  Did such:

  1. Disintegration of water
  2. Rising of water droplets

happen due to an unknown force not explained by classical theories?

Can these two phenomena be explained better by considering both gravitational repulsion and attraction forces?

Newtonian discoveries made us rethink physics.  Einsteinian discoveries again made us rethink physics.  These findings may lead to another point at which we rethink physics.

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